Thursday, December 24, 2009

Story of a beautiful beast!

This photo was taken ten days ago in Apaluktuk, Cape Dorset, the same day we saw 6 bears in the same area, which was unusual for Cape Dorset. There were more than ten bears in and around the community for last three weeks. People were complaining that it's very scary and we should chase them or kill them... But I was happy to to see them around.. so I dont have to go snowmobiling for miles and miles to find these beautiful animals.
The reason why these bears are so close to the community is very simple.. no need to do much research on it.  
This all started since there was a "bowhead whale hunt" in Cape Dorset (which was another shame since there was no proper planning and they wasted more than 60% of the meat) and which was in the end of September this year. If you go around the Island (or within 10 km of the community through the shore) you could find the left overs of whale everywhere. On top of this mess, they stored tons of meat somewhere in the hamlet freezer (Managed by HTA/Hamlet) and no one went to check on it during September and October. Fortunately or unfortunately, the freezer was not working (may be the freezer was feeling bad about keeping the Majestic animals meat). Instead of properly destroying the meat.. the Hamlet just took those and dumped it in the dump.. later on they burned some of em. And now people are asking why the bears are in the community.. what do u expect when they get an invitation for whale barbeque??

They are not educated enough to understand the sign boards and they dont have a sixth sense to know why people don't want them around. Then the Hamlet decides to kill three bears in one wk, since there is no other way to keep them away.

I was lucky to capture this shot.. I think I was the last one to capture them live in a camera.

I can understand the tradition and people eat bear meat and which is pretty normal for inuits.
But this is not the way it has to be done. It was a trap, they could have avoided this by moving all the waste meat to the closest Island or destroying it properly... or giving the meat to other communities etc etc.

If they are so traditional and they respect the tradition.. then do it traditionally. am sure there wont be a single bear captured cause people even lost the talent of harpooning or dog sledging. with no snow mobile and no gun. they are gonna kill nothing.

End of ma frastuation

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Am sick.. so thinking abt healthy living

>>>>>>>>> Run everybody Run >>>>>>>>>

From past four days am sick... really sick.. (May be sick n tired of the work).. Anyway the reason why am sick is ma hazardous work place (I strongly believe).. We have diesel spill in the building, I mean the furnace room which produces this awful poisonous fumes.. We all inhaling those fumes for past several wks (may be months) since no one from housing reported it to us.. May be they wanted to smoke us all out!!
It has become so bad, we ended up closing the place (after constant threatening to the supervisor about reporting this to workmen’s compensation) .. Anyway that did the work before we got to close the place.. I started coughing.. feeling Feverish, cold, headache etc etc..
I feel better now .. Blaming the fumes for ma unhealthy living.. (one of the reason) ... I really wanted to do a lot of activities when I initially came to Cape Dorset.. u know the facilities are limited.. there is no way I can run like the guy in the picture (which I took it in Ireland.. I was happy to see a lot of health conscious people over there).. cause we have terrible weather.. may be I have to go jogging or running with a parka on.. (that's an easy way to kill someone)
There is a gym in CD, which is an independent ready to collide building close to the school.. when I went there initially there were all kind of broken chairs and tables inside.. Richard, David and I had to move those to the side to find some gym equipments (weights and machines).. later after ma holidays,.. I found a kayak inside the building.. which is as long as the building.. I dunno how the hell they managed to get that inside.. then slowly we found weights and other equipments are missing.. I think cause of lack of space inside.. people must have taken the weights home .. since they have better breathing space at home..
Only thing which is helping me be active is badminton.. that’s going good.. also in the winter skidooing is a good way to work out.. I can guarantee that have body pain if you go for snowmobiling.. also hiking in the summer (If there are no mosquitoes’)

So everyone find some way to keep yourself healthy,, u never see the fat coming.. but u surely see that no fat is going!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blah Blah .. Blog

..................................Blaah Blaah Blaah..............................


For sure Blog is one of the best invention and great and easy way of communication. I know some people won't agree to that. I love it.. All the people they write and read blog likes it... Then why this second thought? I was talking to my brother last week and proudly I said to him. “Man I started a blog”.... He is like... “Oh great... I had a blog some years back... And I ended up deleting all the posts”... I was like, why some one does that? He explained it to me... he was very active in his blog and later he just couldn't continue it. After a year or two when he was going through his posts he couldn't believe what all he wrote and what all people read. He realized most of them were very personnel and he let others read it. Talking about his life and how it sucks one day and how happy the other day.

May be that's why some don't like the idea of blog. Too many unwanted personnel details....

But there is lot of advantages with blogs... Like… you find good friends, you share knowledge and you develop your skills as a writer, photographer, designer etc.

For example I can improve ma English (possibly)

Anyway am gonna keep this blah blaah blog going!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Blizzard…. another natural hazard.
Looks like I am getting used to it. When I experienced the horrifying wind in Pang (two years ago).. I couldn't sleep for nights. That was something new to me.. I am coming from a very calm part of the world.. The maximum gusting wind I would have seen in India was less than twenty KM per Hour. And here It was 90 to 110 KM per hour.. I felt this is the end.. and the roof is not gonna be there for long.. But eventually I am getting used to it.. Right now in Cape, the wind is 90-100 KM per Hour.. Even if it is ‘white out’ blizzard.. Who cares.. May be nowadays I like it.
I get to sleep I wish there is a blizzard almost every day exvept on wkends and when am travelling.

If blizzards can be so horrifying.. what abt those Tornado's and Hurricanes?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Finding the nature roots!!

I am here to find the rature roots.. I know it's not easy and it's an endless search. I am happy to be in the Arctic and I think it's the first step which takes me closer to finding the roots.
Hope to keep this blog alive and share comments with ma good blogger friends