Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Blizzard…. another natural hazard.
Looks like I am getting used to it. When I experienced the horrifying wind in Pang (two years ago).. I couldn't sleep for nights. That was something new to me.. I am coming from a very calm part of the world.. The maximum gusting wind I would have seen in India was less than twenty KM per Hour. And here It was 90 to 110 KM per hour.. I felt this is the end.. and the roof is not gonna be there for long.. But eventually I am getting used to it.. Right now in Cape, the wind is 90-100 KM per Hour.. Even if it is ‘white out’ blizzard.. Who cares.. May be nowadays I like it.
I get to sleep I wish there is a blizzard almost every day exvept on wkends and when am travelling.

If blizzards can be so horrifying.. what abt those Tornado's and Hurricanes?


Clare said...

Welcome to blogging in Nunavut, looking forward to more.

Oh, you're poll on the best place in Nunavut, it doesn't have it on there. It is, of course, Arctic Bay.

nature roots said...

Thanks Clare!!
I have never been to Arctic Bay..Thanks for the comment.. I hope to visit Arctic Bay someday

Indigo said...

Hey Nature Roots!!!

Love the blizzard no smoking sign. Best place in Nunavut..........hmmmmmm. I loved Grise Fiord and would move back ther in a heartbeat but someone else who has a vested interest, says no, Kinngait was mighty fine and Sani treated me well but if I could only live in one of the 27 (?) Nunavut communities I think I would have to pick Igloolik. It really was one of my favourites. Outstanding community with fabulous folks and great country. I liked Pang but found it was too windy and way too many tourists.